Remember the amputee I wrote about yesterday? Well, he never got over the fact that life wasn’t fair. Everyday as he looked at his artificial leg, he asked God why the misfortune befell him. He became so discouraged that he quit attending his scheduled therapy sessions. As he limped his way through life, concentrating on all the things he couldn’t do because of his handicap, he became a very miserable person.

In contrast to the distraught patient, we observe the patient’s therapist. He had an entirely different perspective of his situation. This allowed him to not only endure the rigorous therapy sessions during his recovery, but it enabled him to master the techniques so well that he became a professional therapist who helped other amputees.

In a sense, Jesus put Himself in the amputee’s shoes, and then followed through with the therapist’s resolve. By His death, He made a complete payment for our sins. By His resurrection, God demonstrated that Christ’s payment had been accepted. And do you know why He endured the agonizing ardor of the cross? He did it so that we could spend eternity with Him in Heaven, and so that we could go through this life with the assurance that we’re not alone in our sufferings. Jesus has walked in our shoes.

Have you ever felt like giving up because of your failures? Are you looking with distraught upon your “impossible” circumstances? Now is not the time to quit or concentrate on your limitations. Now is the time to look unto Jesus. Remember that He has experienced the same challenges you face at this moment, but He persevered through them—and He will help you do the same. You don’t have to limp through life. Take courage and look up, for Jesus has walked in your shoes.

[Jesus Christ] is a Portion that exactly and directly suits: the condition of the soul, the desires of the soul, the necessities of the soul, the wants of the soul, the longings of the soul, and the prayers of the soul. The soul can crave nothing, nor wish for nothing, but what is to be found in Christ. — Thomas Brooks

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.