Work is no foreign concept to the animals in Creation. It’s we humans who often struggle with the notion. Consider the tiny bar-tailed godwit, a bird which ranges in size from 14 ounces to 1.4 pounds. Each year, the godwit undertakes the farthest non-stop, migratory flight of any bird. It holds the current record for the longest non-stop flight, at 7,242 miles . I’d get worn out just thinking about doing all of that traveling.

If we could somehow peer into the bar-tailed godwit’s brain before the bird set off on one of its transcontinental flights, I believe we might find a few pointers we can apply to our personal work ethic:

  1. The bird doesn’t worry about the distance it must travel.
  2. It doesn’t think about the hazards of its journey.
  3. It doesn’t settle for the easiest or shortest route of travel.
  4. It flies with one purpose—to survive the winter.

We can apply the godwit’s unique perspective on flight to our attitude towards work. Employment in any occupation demands that we go the distance. It involves confrontation with hazards and obstacles. It may even require taking a difficult stand against unethical practices to maintain our Christian testimony. This is enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned workplace “flyer”—unless he has a bigger purpose.

The key to persevering at your workplace is to let Christ be the Motivation for your service. This will allow you to keep on flying when the boss gives you a hard time or your work becomes mundane. Put this in practice today, and you will be surprised at the distance you cover.

Work becomes worship when done for the Lord. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.