If you’ve done any kind of air travel, you’re familiar with the safety routine that flight attendants go through before the plane takes off. Did you notice that very few, if any, passengers actually pay attention to the recorded instructions on how to use that oxygen mask or where the escape routes are? But if the plane were to encounter trouble in the air, you can bet everyone would be poring over the manual in the front pocket, or at least asking the flight attendants to repeat their instructions.

An emergency in the air is something that rarely happens. Thousands of flights take off and land every day without a single hitch. However, there is something that people are warned about that will happen with 100% certainty. One day, each one of us will die and face our Maker. Similarly, people go about their business, ignoring the warnings of Scripture. They even make fun of Christians as they give warnings of the danger to come. Nobody wants to concern themselves with issues of eternity—they’ve got a career to develop, a life to live, wealth to chase after.

But when danger comes, that’s when the passengers on the journey of life tune in and get serious about eternity. That’s why you and I must be ready and able to share the good news of God’s great love.

What about you? Are you ready for life after death? And if you know Christ, do you have the answers to share with those who don’t?

Lord, give me Scotland, or I die! — John Knox

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder