Few experiences compare to the exhilaration of adopting a child. Several couples from our church can attest to the joys — and trials — of the process. One family, after deciding to adopt a child, contacted a lawyer and filled out the necessary paperwork which began the process. When the couple saw a picture of the baby boy who was to become their son, they were instantly smitten. Their first visit sealed the deal — they knew he was the child God would give them. The wife said, “[He] almost seemed to know us when we saw him for the first time, [and] a bond formed immediately.”

Imagine the thrill the family experienced when, after five months, their lawyer called and announced that the baby had cleared all the legal regulations necessary to become their son. But what if, as the child grew older, he began to question the validity of the judge’s court order? “Did my parents really adopt me? Did the judge really declare me to be their son?” Absurd, you say. And I would agree. The adopted son would never question his sonship, though if he did his parents would have ample evidence to prove it. Yet there are many Christians who question their adoption and salvation. What a pity.

When a person accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior, he is adopted into the family of God. The implications of this new sonship include eternal life and cleansing from all sins. If the believer needs further assurance, God has provided it in His Word. There’s no doubt about it, Christian. When you put your trust in Christ, you’re in the family — for good. Don’t second-guess it. Don’t doubt it. Just live like it. Today.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.