So often you hear people say, “How can a loving God allow such suffering and evil?” But these people in their questions fail to see the outpouring of God’s mercy upon an undeserving world. One only needs to study the events of the Tribulation described in Revelation to truly see the heart of God.

During this time, God pours out His wrath upon a world that has rejected Him time and time again. Yet in the midst of the violence and despair, He launches the most effective worldwide evangelism initiative in history. 144,000 Jewish men will have the seal of God upon their foreheads and will be untouched by the Antichrist, who will exhaust his energies to have them extinguished from the earth. The Scriptures tell us that more people will come to Christ during this period than any other time.

Now I ask you: What kind of God punishes a deserving race and yet simultaneously begs and pleads for those same people to escape His wrath by accepting His Son? I’d say it has to be a loving God Who reaches out with much more mercy than we deserve. Look at your own life. How often has His grace touched you when you’ve failed Him?

When we cross the shores of Heaven, we’re not going to be complaining about an unfair God, but we’ll be praising an amazingly loving God.

The next time you get discouraged or something occurs in your life that causes you to doubt God’s goodness, step back and take inventory of His mercy. He has a heart of love and goodness that extends to the most undeserving of sinners.

God is a God of mercy and grace toward a race that has rejected His repeated overtures to accept His gift of love. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder