Do you ever wonder why God says no? God used a lawnmower and a lost job to teach my grandson this lesson. In the past, James had been able to make some money by mowing a woman’s lawn in his neighborhood. But when he came back this year, the woman had hired another young man to do the job. Not wanting to lose a sale, James called the woman and kindly offered to reduce his price to gain her business. She hung up on him.

Obviously disappointed, James told me what had happened. I told him he would have many similar experiences as he went through life. The best thing he could do was get over it and keep going.

But this story had a happy ending. Later, James found work from someone with an even bigger yard. He made more money from this job than he did at the beginning. This helped him get over his previous rejection in a hurry. He also learned that God often closes one door to open another one that is even better — so it isn’t worth trying to get in through a window.

It’s important that we teach this lesson to our kids. They will face rejection and losses in life, but we must teach them that rejection is God’s redirection. They must learn to accept it as part of God’s will. Use the opportunity to share how God reversed some of your disappointing experiences. If your kids don’t learn to accept it, then they will keep trying to make things work on their own.

Maybe your son was just rejected by a girl when he asked her for a date. Perhaps your daughter was turned down after an interview for a babysitting position. Disappointments will come. Doors will be closed shut — sometimes even slammed shut. Teach your kids that there is still hope because God is in control. Then they can look for His next open door instead of trying to force their way in through a window.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder