The old preacher had no sooner locked the front doors of the church and started off towards his home when he felt a hard object pressed against his back and heard a gruff voice. “Hand over your money!” It was an armed robber who wanted to take advantage of the minister’s frailty.

But the preacher said, “Before you do anything, I’d like to pray for you.” And with that, he knelt on the sidewalk and prayed for his would-be robber and murderer.

Rising to his feet, the preacher asked the masked man, “Do you want to do this for the rest of your life?”

The robber bowed his head, lowered his handgun, and admitted, “No.”

“Come to my home, and I will show you how your life can be transformed forever.”

The man followed the preacher down the street to his house, where the preacher shared the plan of salvation. After a few minutes, he trusted Christ. Later he started attending the preacher’s church, and became one of his best church members.

Do you really believe God can save anyone? What about the rebellious teenager who smokes and wears several earrings? How about the homeless person who looks disheveled and has a bad odor? My friend, God can save anyone. I know because He saved you and me. We live in a world full of lost and dying people, and we can’t afford to discriminate about who we will reach. Everyone needs to hear the good news about Jesus Christ, and we need to do our part to win them today.

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Everyone needs to be saved, however great, however illustrious. We are all sinners. We are all born in sin. — M. Lloyd-Jones

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.