If you had to grade the quality of your prayer life between 1 and 10, how would you rate? While we might consider the believers in the Early Church as examples of strong faith and earnest prayer, the Bible records one instance when they had a temporary lapse. King Herod had arrested Peter and planned to take his life in a few days. So the Church went into prayer and pleaded with God to spare him. In the middle of a prayer meeting, a knock came at the door. . . .

Rhoda, a servant girl, heard a voice outside which she recognized as Peter’s. But in her excitement, she forgot to open the door. When she told the praying believers in the house that Peter was outside, they thought she had either lost her mind or seen Peter’s angel. The knocking continued. Finally, they opened the door . . . and it was him. They couldn’t believe it. While they had faith that God could answer their prayers, they didn’t have enough faith to watch for His answer and open the door.

Watching for results to our prayers takes just as much faith as the prayers themselves. We should pray believing that God will answer our prayers according to His will. Then we should watch in faith that He will open the door at the appropriate time. As the cycle of believing prayer, watching for God’s answer, and seeing our expectations fulfilled continues, our faith will grow.

Now let’s get back to the survey about the quality of our prayer lives. How often do you talk to God each day? How frequently do you see your prayers answered? Finally, how much do you believe in the power of prayer as it affects your relationships and the difficulties you face at this time? If you think you have room to improve, then make a list of your prayer requests, and take note when God responds. Always keep your eyes open, because someone could be at the door.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.