How much would you pay for a talking dog? A man visited a yard sale one weekend and noticed a sign advertising a talking dog for sale. He asked the owner about the animal and was led to a white kennel with a red roof off to the side of the house. The kennel contained a beautifully groomed black Labrador.

The prospective buyer said to the owner, “Nice dog. So can it talk?”

“Sure. Why don’t you say something to it?”

Feeling a little awkward, the man said, “Uh, hello there.”

The dog rose to his feet and returned the man’s greeting. Then as if on cue, he started at length talking about his accomplishments. He told of daring exploits and narrow escapes from danger. He held the man spellbound for several minutes.

“Why are you selling this dog? He’s worth a fortune!” whispered the man to the owner.

“Well, I’m selling him because he won’t tell the truth. Everything he just told you was a lie.”

We may call it stretching the truth, telling a half-truth, a white lie, or an exaggeration, but regardless of how we look at it, lying for any reason is hypocrisy. It won’t be long before the truth comes out—and when it does, we will pay the price. God is Truth and Light, and He cannot allow any falsehood to stay undercover. It will be exposed.

Can people say of you, “His word is his bond,” or “His walk lines up with his talk”? If they can’t, then you need to start building up your image by telling the truth. Trust takes a lifetime to build, but only a split second to destroy. Live so as to build an honest reputation today.

Lying covers a multitude of sins – temporarily. — D.L. Moody

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.