I want to give God the best I’ve got. How about you? There’s the story told of a man who would always put money in the offering plate at church. He wouldn’t just give faithfully, though; he’d give the shiniest coin he had because he wanted to give God his best.

Now do you think God’s more concerned with the size of that man’s gift, or the quality of the gift? Honestly, God isn’t impressed by our money, no matter how shiny it is. He doesn’t need it. But He does care about the quality of the gifts we offer Him, because it shows the quality of our hearts.

Today’s verse asks us to present our bodies to God. Did you ever think about what that means? You’ve been given natural abilities, so it means you should offer them to Him. You have desires, so you should offer them to Him. Your physical body is, of course, a gift God wants you to present for His use.

Each of us has been given these things in different measure. But it doesn’t matter how much we have to offer God, as long as we give Him the best we’ve got. God isn’t looking for perfection, only for people who are willing to let Him use them.

As you read this, you may be on your way to work, church, or a special event. Whether God’s given you many abilities or just a few, you will please Him when you decide to give Him the best you’ve got today.

Nothing is small if God accepts it. — Teresa of Ávila

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder