In the early 15th century, a certain elderly woman was known to make daily trips to her Catholic church, where she would kneel and pray before a statue of Mary. This went on for several months.

On one of the woman’s visits, a priest commented about her dedication to his older priest friend, “My, what a devout woman. Surely we have a saint in our midst.”

The older priest spoke with a lot more wisdom and experience. He said, “On the contrary. The sculptor used her as the model for that statue, and she is merely worshipping her former self.”

The word “saint” is woefully misapplied today. A person doesn’t have to die and have a religious sect recognize them as a noble person to become a saint. Recognition from a religious sect doesn’t make anybody worthy of worship in God’s eyes. Saints are real men and women, boys and girls who know and worship Christ alone as their Savior.

The moment we trusted Christ, we were made saints. We still have problems and struggles, but as we grow spiritually, God teaches us to yield to Him and walk in purity. His will for us is made clear in today’s Scripture reading. Every Christian may be a saint, but every Christian isn’t walking worthy. How’s your walk been lately?

Are you bearing fruit in good works and increasing in the knowledge of God, or are you a saint only in name? Pray that God would help you live up to your name today.

It is better to live for God than to be perpetually talking about Him. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder