Most people don’t like to fly solo. The Apostle Paul was no different. On most of his missionary journeys, he traveled with at least one other Christian brother. Together they would travel throughout the towns and villages preaching the gospel. They shared the burdens and challenges of ministry. They rejoiced in the victories and shed tears over the defeats—together. But it wasn’t always that way for Paul.

As the apostle wrote from prison, he remembered times when he couldn’t get anybody to stand with him. He was utterly forsaken. Sometimes those closest to him stabbed him in the back. Others took advantage of his imprisonments and tried to destroy everything he had worked for.  If anyone could have complained about how unfair life had been to him, Paul was the man.

But Paul’s trials, heartaches, and loneliness taught him something important about God. He learned that when you stand for the Lord, you’re never alone because God always stands with you. Yes, Paul had been forsaken by men. But the whole time God was right there beside him. He was the best Friend Paul ever had. Knowing He was there made all the difference and encouraged him to keep going and preach the gospel.

Maybe you feel like you’re flying “solo” at this point in your life. There might be friends or family members who have let you down. It’s easy to think you’ve been left to bear your pain and answer the tough questions in your life alone. But I want you to know God is with you. He is standing beside you to strengthen you at this very second. Keep serving Him, and He will help you fly through your storm.

What Hell may be, I know not. This I know, I cannot lose the presence of the Lord. One arm, Humility, takes hold upon His dear humanity; the other, Love, clasps His divinity. So where I go, He goes; and better fire-walled Hell with Him than golden-gated Paradise without. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder