Think about what would happen if today you were going to suffer a terrible death at the hands of those who once said they loved you. Some of your best friends would be the perpetrators, and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Imagine the pressure you would feel, knowing your death was going to happen and yet being unable to change the outcome. Every thought would be, “This is the last time I will talk to my family,” or “This is the last time I will enjoy a sunset.” Yet the pressure you felt would be nothing compared to the pressure the Son of God faced the night of His crucifixion.

Jesus Christ knew that no man could take His life. He would lay it down willingly. But He knew His own Father wouldn’t be able to look upon Him as He suffered the punishment that you and I deserve.

Jesus Christ reacted to the pressure He was placed under in a perfect way. He willingly became sin for the world. Instead of complaining about what He knew would be a gruesome death, He comforted His disciples. Jesus said to His betrayer, Judas, “Friend, why have you come?” In the midst of the torment of having one of His closest friends betray Him, He called Judas, friend.

In spite of what you have to face in your life today, learn to have the right kind of reaction—a reaction that glorifies God in all you say or do.

You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips. — Goldsmith

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder