A murmur of electric anticipation pulsed through the throne room as angels gathered for a special assembly with the Almighty. The din was silenced by the thunder of a commanding voice. It was the voice of God Himself.

With wistfulness, He declared, “Man has fallen. We need volunteers to redeem him.”

An angel offered, “Your Holiness, I will go and live a pure life to redeem mankind.”

“That would be good, but it is insufficient to wash away man’s sin.”

Another angel raised the bid: “Your Holiness, I will live a pure life and teach the way of righteousness to free man from his sin.”

“That is good, but it will not purge the stain of sin.”

“Your Holiness, I will do all of the things my companions have suggested, as well as sing the songs of Heaven to men, so as to redeem them,” offered a third angel.

“That will only remind them of what they have lost.”

Finally, the Son of God said, “My Father, I will go. I will take on human flesh and die in man’s place. My blood will wash away his sin.”

Then God answered, “Let it be so,” and the angels marveled.

Jesus Christ did what no angel could have done by dying on the cross. His shed blood is so precious that a single drop was sufficient to save you from the penalty of your sins. He allowed it to be poured out so that the entire world could be saved if they would accept the gift by faith. Nothing can rival the atoning power of Christ’s blood payment.

Salvation is a free gift, but Christians should live in light of the costly payment Christ made for us. The great value of the blood He shed should cause us to think twice before sinning in word, thought, or deed. It should transform us into dedicated servants — and why not? He has given us a new destination for eternity, one made possible only through the blood. Have you thanked Him for it? Do it today.

Christ is a Substitute for everything, but nothing is a substitute for Christ. — H. A. Ironside

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.