There was a church that needed to raise funds for a new school building. So the pastor, in an attempt to raise the money, wired each of the seats.

The next Sunday it came time for the offering. The pastor shouted from the pulpit, “Who would like to give $50?” He pushed a button and a dozen people stood up. “Anyone for $100?” Again, the pastor pushed a secret button. This time, two dozen people stood up. Then he made the call for $500 and pushed yet another button in the wealthy area of the auditorium. 30 people immediately stood up.

The pastor made one last plea, “Who would like to pledge $1,000?” He had wired a special circuit to the last row, where the deacons sat. When he pushed the button, all 24 deacons refused to stand up and were electrocuted.

Now this story is obviously fictional, but it illustrates a powerful point. What does it take for us to give God our time, money, or anything else that we hold dear? In Corinthians, the Apostle Paul said that giving shouldn’t be a matter of something we have to do. Instead, it should a joyful expression of a heart that loves God.

A giving person really doesn’t think of himself as a giving person. Why? Because it is a privilege to sacrifice for the One Who gave so much for him. He’s not a dreary martyr, but a joyful saint who willfully and purposefully shares what he has with the God Who has abundantly blessed Him.

What kind of giver are you?

For the contented believer, giving is not an act of labor, but an expression of love. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder