Anyone can wait. Few people can wait with patience. I brought my dog, Libby, to participate in a chapel service with our students one morning and had her sit on a platform. After telling Libby to stay, I told the students if Libby did not move during the entire chapel service, they would all receive ice cream. I even allowed the students to help their cause by yelling, “Stay!” if Libby became fidgety.

The students came through on their end of the bargain. They yelled, “Stay!” as often as Libby stood up to move. But Libby couldn’t sit still for more than 15 minutes, especially because she wasn’t getting anything out of the deal. A couple times, she even disregarded the students’ commands and ran through the aisles among them. So I asked one of the students to grab some crackers as treats for Libby. You wouldn’t believe the look in her eyes as she saw them. As Libby gazed at me, I put a couple crackers on her nose, coaxing her to sit still until I gave the signal. This time, she obeyed. Apparently, it made a difference for Libby to know that her patience would be rewarded.

It is easy for us to get physically and spiritually restless while we wait for God to provide for us. The solution is found in today’s verse, which encourages us to wait, expect, look patiently, or tarry upon God. Libby followed my instructions with an earnest expectation that I would make her wait worthwhile (as did the students, so they were able to have the ice cream I promised them). This is the way God wants us to wait — we need to fix our eyes upon Him in expectation that He will reward our patience when the time is right.

We never wait in vain. If you wish to have “staying” power, then I challenge you to concentrate on your Savior. He will reward you in due time.

There are times when God asks nothing of His children except silence, patience, and tears. — Charles Seymour Robinson

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.