Did you know that sometimes the most difficult thing that God asks you to do turns out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to you? Take the case of Abraham. Genesis 22:1-3 tells about his trial of faith. We know that Abraham didn’t end up sacrificing his son, but look at his response. He said right away, “Here I am.” Abraham rose early in the morning. He didn’t wait for a few weeks to see if God’s direction was going to change. He didn’t consult his investment manager to see if he could feasibly lose his son. He just did what God said.

Abraham’s faith was a “no-questions-asked” faith. It was the kind of faith that says, “Yes, Lord, I’m on my way.” Even though he was asked to do something harder than anyone could ever imagine, Abraham believed and obeyed God.

Abraham was one of the few men to ever speak to God as a friend, but how do you think he felt after this encounter—disturbed? Frightened? Sick to his stomach? And yet Abraham’s obedience turned out to be the greatest event of his life.

Are you at a “faith moment” in your life? Do you need to trust God above all else? I encourage you to do it. Reach out in faith. God will deliver you just as He delivered Abraham.

It is impossible for faith to overdraw its account in God’s bank. – Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder