Who needs rules? Police officers brought a middle-aged woman before a judge on charges of reckless driving. The judge began to describe the dangers of speeding in vivid terms. He shared the latest facts and figures with the woman, pointing out how drivers like her increased the number of fatal collisions and jeopardized the safety of countless motorists.

But the woman didn’t want to hear it. She quipped, “Aren’t you the eloquent one? I’ll bet you can recite Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address by heart, too.”

“I’m proud to say I can,” the judge countered, “and I hereby fine you fourscore and seven bucks.”

Do you ever wonder why we have traffic laws? Wouldn’t it be better if there weren’t any such restrictions? A similar question could have been asked about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. Why did God put it there? The argument has been made that if there were no rules, we wouldn’t be tempted to break them.

This may be true, but God has given us rules so we might choose to love and obey Him. If we didn’t have a choice, we would be no more than robots with a pre-programmed response. To us has been given the unique privilege of willful love and obedience for our Creator.

You may see traffic laws and other rules as inconveniences, but consider what life would be like without them. You will gain a better appreciation for traffic laws the next time you sit at a red light. You will also have a better appreciation for God’s laws when you see the grief and pain experienced by those who attempt to live without them. I hope you will exercise your God-given freedom of choice to love and obey Him today.

Every moment you have a choice, regardless of what has happened before. Choose right now to move forward, positively and confidently into your incredible future. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.