Why do we still struggle with wickedness in our world? In Richard J. Mouw’s book, Uncommon Decency, he explains why the conflict persists. Imagine a city besieged by an enemy. No one may enter or leave. Supplies run low. But late at night, a spy sneaks through enemy lines and tells the citizens that in another place the main enemy force has been defeated; the leaders have already surrendered. Soon the besieging troops will receive the news and lay down their weapons.

The troops of abortion, immorality, violence, and addiction are lined outside the walls of our churches and families. We’re under siege. Our supplies of competent spiritual leadership and moral direction have run low. But God’s Word proclaims our main enemy has been defeated. The rest will soon lay down their arms.

What are wicked men, but the servants of God’s providence? In a world full of sinners, God works through wicked people to change us into Christ’s image. Someday He’ll make everything right.

You may be disgruntled when people take advantage of the elderly. Perhaps the moral pollution of television or radio frustrates you. It is good that you are discerning about the evil around you, but I encourage you to fret not. Our enemy has been defeated. Our Lord will return, and He’ll make everything right. Constantly remind yourself that He is in control.

That which does not kill you makes you stronger. —Viktor Frankl

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.