Crinkle, crinkle, little bill;
Goodness, gracious, you look ill!
Are you losing all your power?
You seem weaker hour by hour.

Now that prices are so high,
I’m so tired that I could die.
I just circulate all day,
No one dares put me away.

When the evening board is set
With the fruits of father’s sweat,
My small voice is hushed and still—
I am in the butcher’s till.

And no matter where I go,
People disregard me so;
I don’t seem to count for much
‘Mongst the profiteers and such.

Bill, take heart, your luck may change.
I’ll admit the times are strange.
Though you’re weak, I love you still—
Crinkle, crinkle, little bill.
– Sunshine Magazine

Those who love money in this economy are setting themselves up for heartbreak. In our prosperity-driven culture, not even a $5 bill is worth too much anymore. Pop culture preaches the idea that no matter what we have, it isn’t enough. More is better. If we have anything less than the latest, we simply won’t measure up.

This is not the attitude God wants us to have toward material riches. Contrary to what prosperity preachers may say, God sometimes chooses to withhold wealth in this life so He can enrich us for eternity. Whatever our lot, He wants us to trust Him to see us through.

You may have nothing more than a $5 bill, or you might have great riches. Don’t focus on the things you possess or lack. Choose instead to thank God for what He has given you, and trust Him to continue meeting your needs.

If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can’t buy. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder