If God had a child, what method would He use to train him? The Bible says He uses the “eagle method.” This isn’t a Cub Scouts-certified child training method, but it’s the best parenting method available. Read on, and I think you will understand why.

When a mother eagle feels her eaglets are ready to begin life on their own, she coaxes them out of the nest so they will attempt to fly. Since the eaglets are reluctant to leave their aerial safe-haven, their mother does the unthinkable — she literally tears the nest apart. As their living space gets smaller and smaller, the young eaglets climb to the top of the nest — and notice that they are a long way from the ground. The next thing they know, their sweet, loving mother pushes them out of the nest, and they become airborne. Now they must either learn to fly in a hurry, or fall to the ground. If the eaglets cannot fly, their mother swoops beneath them and catches them on her back. This process continues until they learn to fly.

God works in much the same way with His children. He indulges us with eternal life, along with the blessings of joy, peace, and fellowship with Him. Then He tears the nest apart, challenging us to use our wings of faith to experience a deeper relationship with Him. Heartaches, trials, difficulties, disappointments, and pain are the instruments which accomplish this end. In the midst of our confusion, the Father encourages us to flap our wings — and with practice, we will learn to fly.

God cares about how He raises His kids. He isn’t content to let us go through life as spiritual eaglets — He wants us to become spiritually-mature believers who will not hesitate to trust Him. That may be the reason why your “nest” is falling apart. Start flapping your wings of faith today.

Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you’re holding on to. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.