Today’s Scripture: And he came to the sheepcotes by the way, where was a cave; and Saul went in to cover his feet: and David and his men remained in the sides of the cave. And the men of David said unto him, Behold the day of which the LORD said unto thee, Behold, I will deliver thine enemy into thine hand, that thou mayest do to him as it shall seem good unto thee. Then David arose, and cut off the skirt of Saul’s robe privily. 1¬†Samuel¬†24:3-4

In a twist of fate – or was it divine intervention? – the enemy played into his hands. Four hundred men lurked in the shadows, awaiting David’s signal. Into the mouth of the cave stepped King Saul – alone. David and his men had a golden opportunity for revenge. With a flash of his sword, he could have reversed all of his misery. It appeared God was behind this plan.

You face a similar scenario. Your family has been hit hard by the economic downturn. You’re tired of pinching pennies. When the weekend rolls around, you head for the grocery store to restock. After completing your shopping, it’s late and you’re ready to go home. At the checkout lane, you notice someone has left their credit card near the coin return at the register. God knows you need the money….

How do we correctly interpret our circumstances and determine God’s will? Keep these principles in mind:

  1. We must have an accurate understanding of God’s Word.

  2. We must have a submissive attitude toward its truth.

  3. We must prioritize our spiritual needs over our fleshly lusts.

  4. We must desire to live a life pleasing to God.

God’s will never contradicts His nature. Don’t let your circumstances overrule what you know about your Savior. Allow His desires to govern your life, and you won’t blow it.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.