You know a good deal when you see one. But sometimes when a Christian tries to tell someone they can know they are saved forever, you would think by the person’s reaction that the Christian was trying to sell them snake oil, wooden nickels, the Golden Gate Bridge, or property on the moon.

Consider Kelly’s story. She had gone to church since she was 5 years old, and over the years, her pastor had convinced her that a Christian could lose his or her salvation. If a Christian committed a terrible sin and died without confessing it, then he or she would be doomed to an eternity in Hell.

But then Kelly heard the preaching of the gospel on Victory In Grace. It was unlike anything she had ever heard before, and she decided to give us a call. While speaking with Jim, one of our ministry representatives, she explained her church background.

Jim showed Kelly from the Bible why she could be sure she was saved forever, and suddenly it made sense. She didn’t have to worry about losing her salvation because all of her sins had been cleansed by Christ’s blood. She could be sure that she would go to Heaven. That’s a good deal.

Kelly knows a good deal when she sees one. What about you? Don’t hesitate to take advantage of Christ’s free offer.