What is the greatest miracle that has ever been performed? There have been some pretty impressive miracles since the beginning of history. Here is a partial list:

  • The ten plagues upon the nation of Egypt (Exodus 7–12)
  • The parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:21–29)
  • The 40-year provision of manna for the Israelites to eat in the wilderness (Exodus 16:13–15, 35)
  • The earth swallowed up a rebellious family (Numbers 16:29–33)
  • The 36-hour day (Joshua 10:12–14)
  • The overflowing pot of oil (2 Kings 4:1–7)
  • The floating axe head (2 Kings 6:5–6)
  • The feeding of over 5,000 with two fish and five loaves of bread (Matthew 14:17–21)
  • A man walking on water (Matthew 14:28–29)
  • The miracles of the apostles during the Early Church’s inception (Acts 5:12–16)

As sensational as these events might have been, they cannot even approach the magnitude of the greatest miracle ever. Are you ready for it?

God’s greatest supernatural intervention in the affairs of humanity was the salvation of mankind through the sacrificial payment of Jesus Christ. This is a miracle which has forever changed the course of human history. The eternal destiny of guilty, Hell-deserving sinners changed in one fell swoop as Jesus bridged the gap between God and man on the cross. The fact that all who put their trust in His death and resurrection are guaranteed eternal life in Heaven is a miracle beyond description.

Are you looking for a miracle? Look no further than your Bible. Through the blood of Christ, you can find complete spiritual healing and the assurance of a glorified body in Heaven. God may not choose to change your immediate circumstances, but in the midst of them He offers the miracle of miracles. It will change your life forever.

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Christ is the Desire of nations, the Joy of angels, the Delight of the Father. What solace then must that soul be filled with that hath the possession of Him to all eternity! – John Bunyan

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.