When the journey of life gets difficult, our safety is dependent upon knowing where to look. A hiker and his guide were scaling the Swiss Alps when they reached a narrow passage on the side of the mountain. The pass was so narrow only one person could inch his way across it at a time. Below was a 100-foot drop; all around them were steep cliffs.

The mountain guide crossed the narrow passage first. He slowly crept forward until he reached a broad clearing a few arm-lengths away. With his pickaxe in hand, he chiseled out a foothold for the hiker to place his feet.

As the guide rose to his feet and leaned against the smooth rock surface behind him, he called out to the hiker, “You should be able to make it across that passage, but you have to listen to me. Don’t look down; don’t look up; don’t look around you; just keep your eyes on me, and you’ll be safe.”

The hiker tentatively reached for his guide’s outstretched hand, taking baby steps toward him. As he shifted his feet, tiny pieces of ice and stone fell into the abyss below; but it made no difference to him, for his attention was fixed on the guide. He made it safely across the dangerous passage because he kept his eyes in the right place.

There is a spiritual principle here: our safe passage through the difficulties and trials of life is dependent upon where we choose to focus. We can look at how the ground of our financial or emotional security is falling out from beneath us. We can concentrate on the insurmountable obstacles which hinder our hopes of employment or reconciliation with a friend or loved one. Or we can fix the gaze of our hearts upon Jesus. Only when we look upon Him will our souls find rest.

Miss Christ and you miss all. – Thomas Brooks

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.