If we realized just how gracious God is to us, we wouldn’t hesitate to serve Him with everything we have. We have been saved by grace. Grace sets us free from the power sin held over us. It makes us acceptable to God. It allows us to have direct access to God. It enables us to serve Christ. By grace, He changes us into His image. We’re even kept saved by grace. Grace enriches every part of our lives.

The nation of Israel experienced the grace of God throughout its history. One example would be the time the people started complaining because of the food God had given them. It wasn’t enough that God performed a miracle six days a week by feeding them with manna. They wanted even more, and God graciously gave it to them. A strong wind brought millions of quails to their camp. The birds were piled three feet high for the distance of a full day’s journey all around the camp. They ate so much quail that it came out of their noses. Then God sent a plague and destroyed many of the people for their greed (Numbers 11:31–33).

At another time, Aaron made a molten calf and caused the people to worship it (Exodus 32:1–6). God was ready to destroy Israel for her sin; but Moses prayed for the people, and God graciously spared them (Exodus 32:7–14).

God has always been gracious, but He has never tolerated sin. The way disobedient Israel had it back then is the way a carnal Christian will get it now. You can avoid going down that path by paying attention to your attitude. Watch out for seeds of ingratitude, impatience, discontentment, and idolatry. Instead, learn to be grateful for even the smallest blessings God gives you – whether you’re eating, or just enjoying a good time with friends or family.

God’s grace is all around us; if we’re paying attention, sometimes we can even taste it.

Doth God give us a Christ, and will He deny us a crust? If God doth not give us what we crave, He will give us what we need. – Thomas Watson

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder