Today’s Scripture: Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. Romans 16:17

In the early days of our nation, when great herds of horses roamed the prairies, an interesting behavior was observed. The wolves loved a delicious meal of horsemeat, but the horses could outrun the wolves. So, the wolves changed tactics and began flirting with the edges of the horse’s boundaries, acting bored and disinterested with the horses. Soon the horses became comfortable with the wolves, and began to ignore them. Before long, it was too late for an unsuspecting horse near the edge of the herd.

Paul implored the church at Rome to mark those who were causing division and strife in the church, and to avoid them. Today, there are many who would say, “Well that seems awful unloving and not very Christ-like.” While it is true that it seems harsh to separate from people who are causing division in the church, it is something that God has commanded the church to do. Paul warned Titus to give one or two admonitions, and then to separate if that person would not change their behavior (Titus 3:10).

If we are to stay pure, first as individual believers and second as a church, we cannot get comfortable with sin in the church. When it is present, the church must deal with it. Otherwise, before long it will be too late.

Christian, take steps to make sure that you are not ever getting comfortable with sin. Be sure to stay close to the Shepherd!

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.