Today’s Scripture: Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things. Psalm 72:18

Vincent van Gogh never saw the fruits of his labor. No one appreciated his work until after his death. Those simple paintings which no one wanted while he was alive are now worth millions of dollars. Although his effort may have seemed like a waste at the time, he never gave up – he kept painting.

As we saw yesterday, you may feel like you are ordinary and simple. But just because you are ordinary doesn’t mean that you aren’t a priceless, incredible masterpiece. When God works in your life, He sees the whole picture and knows what is best.

Let’s use a painting as an illustration. We look around, and all we see is the little part of the picture that is our lives. We see what is going on immediately around us and think, “Why did you put that here,” or “God, why do I have to face this?” We think different circumstances would be better, but God sees everything and how each thing in our lives will affect others.

God doesn’t need to fiddle around with ideas or try this and that. He already knows what the perfect outcome is. He puts everything exactly where it needs to go and in the right proportion, so that one day when we see the completed picture, we will be amazed at what He has done with our lives.

The work you are doing may seem simple and insignificant. No one may notice your effort, and it may seem like you are wasting your time. But never give up, God is working, and when He works, we can be assured that the result will be an incredible, wonderful, and priceless masterpiece. 

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.