The disciples had seen it all. For three incredible years, they had been right beside Jesus to hear every sermon and watch every miracle. They couldn’t wait for their chance to rule and reign with Him in His coming kingdom. But then Christ told them about His death, and they didn’t get it.

Jesus’ disciples couldn’t understand that He was preparing them for the hardships they would face after He left. Only after they had suffered for Christ would they be able to reign with Him. Jesus was getting them ready to reign.

Every sermon is preparation for its application. Every truth we gain from God’s Word prepares us to apply it in our hardships. We’re all going to have struggles. But we’ll never be anything until we go through them. Biblical teaching equips us with exactly what we need when the road gets rough.

Dig in to God’s Word. Allow it to fill your mind. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to hear it. You may not understand everything you’re taught right away. But when hardships come—and you can be sure they will—the Word will bring you comfort. God is getting you ready to reign.

No one understands Scripture unless it is brought home to them, that is, unless they experience it. — Martin Luther

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder