Few people are as clever as children when it comes to getting what they want. A small boy walked into a candy store with his mother to look at all the delectable sweets. The door had scarcely closed behind them when the tall storeowner with a wide-brimmed, blue-and-white-striped visor walked through the back door with a jar full of candy. Smiling broadly, he removed the lid and offered some to the boy.

The boy’s eyes lit up with excitement, and he reached inside the jar to grab some candy. Just then, he pulled his hand out and cupped his hands together with an expectant look on his face. The storeowner obliged and reached one of his large hands inside the jar and dropped a handful of the sweet treats into the boy’s hands. After thanking the storeowner, the boy walked out of the store.

When the boy’s mother saw this, she asked her son why he didn’t grab the candy himself. The reply was simple: “His hand is bigger.”

This child understood something that many adults fail to grasp as they wait on God: It isn’t necessary to try obtaining on our own what God wants to give us. His hand is bigger, and when He wants us to have something, He will provide it — and so much more. This reality should encourage our hearts to be at rest as we wait for Him to grant our desires.

My friend, God knows the desires of your heart. Let me add, He not only knows them, but is also able to grant them. So if you find it difficult to wait for Him today, learn to get some rest — that is, be still and quiet — and in God’s timing, He will provide by the handful. Remember, His hands are bigger than yours.

Patient waiting is often the highest way of doing God’s will! — Jeremy Collier

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.