America will only be as strong as her churches. Charles T. Thrift, Jr. once said of the United States, “It is a curious fact that a nation . . . so advanced in medicine should be so poor in theology.” Do you ever wonder why the moral and political climate in the US seems to be steadily moving from bad to worse? Many of the national problems we are seeing can be traced to a spiritual problem in our churches.

I believe there are at least three liberal attitudes which have caused the Church in the US to become ineffective in its influence on our country:

  1. Open-mindedness — views all ideas, teachings, and personal conduct outside the framework of absolute truth. From this perspective, sin and false doctrine cannot be labeled and dealt with according to Scripture.
  2. Total acceptance — emphasizes tolerance toward different views held on the absolute truth of God’s Word, condemning a judgmental attitude. (E.g. — “Jesus is the only Way to Heaven; but if you believe differently, that’s okay.”)
  3. Privacy — the idea that everyone has a right to live his own life without anyone else imposing his views upon him. The Church has no right to get personal and point out sin in people’s lives.

When people in the Church have any of these attitudes, they can’t fulfill their job as lights to the world. They just blend in with everybody else — and no one takes them or their message seriously.

The only way for America to start moving in the right direction is if God’s people, Christians like you and me, stand upon the truth of His Word without compromise. We need to teach the whole truth, and live like we believe it — and that means seeing sin for what it really is.

Do you want to see God bless America? Then I challenge you to make a commitment to contend for your faith today.

God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please, you can never have both. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder