Excitement is contagious. If you sneezed in a crowd full of people, would they catch it from you? When I became a Christian, I was in a fraternity at a state university, and I told everybody about my salvation. The fraternity members were going to put me out, but they decided to let me stay another year. They figured I’d get over it. But I got worse — I decided to attend a Bible college and take some friends from the university with me.

Later on, some of the former university students who were attending Bible college with me visited their old campus. During their visit, even more students trusted in Christ. One young man debated a college professor, and the professor trusted Christ during the debate. The group also won some of the athletes from the university’s basketball, football, and cheerleading teams to Christ. The Christian life was new to them, and they couldn’t help telling others about it. They had real excitement.

You can’t be forced to serve Christ by following every law in the Bible to the “T,” because this only creates a sense of duty. The best kind of service is motivated by a love for Christ, which produces real excitement about the work we are doing.

Why do you serve Christ today? Life is hard, and the challenges will drain you of your energy and strength. You will have days when you feel ready to collapse on the couch from exhaustion. That is when your love for Christ will pick you up and provide the strength you need to give your best effort one more time. Have you caught it yet?

Men ablaze are invincible. Hell trembles when men kindle. Sin, worldliness, unbelief, Hell, are proof against everything but Fire. The Church is powerless without the Fire of the Holy Ghost. Destitute of Fire, nothing else counts; possessing Fire, nothing else really matters. — Samuel Chadwick

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder