Some people are so fearful of failure they never take any risks. I had two late aunts living in Oklahoma. They were always worried about something. Though they were worth millions of dollars, their biggest fear was not having enough money to pay their taxes. So like misers, they saved every penny. When they could have lived in the comfort of a mansion, they chose to stay in a dirty, run-down shack.

Fear cripples. It will keep you from success just as much as it keeps you from failure. This is true in the natural as well as the spiritual. Sometimes, we have to step out on faith and leave the results in God’s hands.

You say, “But what if I fail and fall flat on my face? I’ll lose my hard-earned reputation. No one will respect me.”

People respect the person who tries and fails more than the one who tries nothing and succeeds.

You could be worried about taking a new job. It may be outside your range of expertise, giving you a learning curve to overcome. You’re afraid you’ll get off to a slow start and disappoint your boss. Don’t burden yourself with negative possibilities. Consider this as an opportunity to take a step forward and develop new skills. God wants you to succeed, and He will reward your faith if you trust Him.

For every person who climbs the ladder of success, there are a dozen waiting for the elevator. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder