Everyone wants to get “the call” from God. We want God to tap us on the shoulder and thrust His purpose in our laps. Yet not many of us are willing to make the sacrifice God’s purpose demands. When Abraham got “the call,” he made a decision for which the world still remembers him. He trusted God and did what He told him to do, period—no questions asked.

Abraham’s obedience ignited a chain reaction. God made him the founder of Israel, a nation still in existence today. He blessed him with abundance and gave him a venerable name. Through Abraham, all families of the earth have been blessed—all because he chose to obey God no matter what.

When God gives us a task to do, we often respond with conditional obedience. Sure we’ll obey, as long as God’s plan makes sense and conforms to our comfort level. But that isn’t how God works. He wants us to trust and obey Him regardless. Then His blessings will follow.

Are you eager to do great things for God? God may have called you to be a pastor or pastor’s wife. The future looks sketchy at best. You’re not quite sure how all the details of your life will fit together. Obey God to the fullest extent possible. Then entrust the rest to His hands. His promised blessing is on its way.

The golden rule for understanding in spiritual matters is not intellect, but obedience. — Oswald Chambers

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.