Just how much is “much more”? Imagine a setting as pristine as the Garden of Eden. Lush vegetation abounds. A mist which rises from the ground provides natural hydration. Diverse wildlife is everywhere you look. Crystal-clear rivers shimmer and glisten in the sunlight.

Notably absent from this utopian paradise are predators which pose a threat to life and limb. There are no venomous creatures present to inflict pain and death by their bites or stings. Hard labor is an unheard-of phenomenon. Physical death is nothing more than a figment of the imagination.

Are you ready to book a one-way ticket to this destination? Before you call your travel agent, let me tell you some sobering news: No such place exists today. This was the environment of Eden before the Fall of man. Today, mankind experiences pain, suffering, and death because of sin. These are characteristics of the reign of death.

The good news is Christ has much more in store for believers. He has prepared a place in Heaven for them, and someday they will spend eternity there with Him. There, none of the afflictions of sin will affect them again. We will have all eternity to enjoy His reign — the reign of grace.

Life under the reign of death is taxing on each of us, but there is much more in store if we have put our trust in Jesus Christ. By His death and shed blood on the cross, He paid the price for our sins. His resurrection proved this payment had been accepted by God the Father. This is good news for you and me, because it means that we can experience the reign of grace in Heaven if we accept Christ’s free gift.

There is more to our existence than this life. I assure you the life to come will be much more than we bargained for.

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So I say to you, take heed. Do not delay any longer, lest the devil, Hell, death, or the fearful curses of the law overtake you and throw you down in the midst of your sins, so you will never rise and recover again. — John Bunyan

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.