Today’s Scripture: The eyes of all wait upon thee; and thou givest them their meat in due season. PsalmĀ 145:15

Have you ever wanted something so much that you couldn’t wait for it? The moment you saw it, you knew you had to have it right then. So much of advertising is built on presenting a product that you weren’t looking for to be an answer for all the problems you didn’t know you were dealing with. Not only is it a product that you need-you need it now!

This can often be the way we feel about life and is often the way we approach prayer. We sometimes come to God not with requests, but with demands-I want this to happen this way at this time. But God doesn’t move according to our timetable; He knows what’s best. When Lazarus was sick, word was sent to Jesus to come. However, Jesus waited until he had died to travel to Bethany. Martha’s reaction was one that many of us may have had: “Lord we called for you, but you didn’t come. If you would have come when we asked, you could have healed him.” She was upset because she had an answer for the problem, but God didn’t do what she wanted.

Jesus knew that He wasn’t just going to heal Lazarus – it would have been no different than His other healings. He was going to show His power over death-not on someone that just died (LukeĀ 8:52-55) or someone on the way to be buried (Luke 7:12-15)-but after it had been four days, and the body had begun to decay and stink. He was going to answer the plea in a much more spectacular way that could not be disputed.

We may feel that all God has to do is such and such, but He knows how to answer our prayers for our greatest benefit and His greatest glory. We need to learn to look and wait upon God; He will give us our meat in due season. When it feels like you need your answer now, know that He will answer at the right time.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.