Dr. Seecharan and Victory In Grace have a burning desire to see India reached with the clear gospel of grace. We have partnered together to accomplish this heart beat through the Solid Rock Theological Seminary. Here young men will learn how to clearly and effectively share the truth to an area of the world overflowing with false religions.

Since Dr. Seecharan’s Solid Rock Theological Seminary in Kerala India began, over 300 students have graduated. That means there are now over 300 more lights for the gospel of grace—300 more men willing to risk their lives for the truth in a dark and Godless country. These students will go on to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of Christ by planting churches, beginning orphanages and starting youth ministries.

We can continue to blaze through the darkness with the light of God’s grace. But we need your support, many of the students cannot afford their tuition or supplies. By donating only $50 a month, you can completely fund a student for an entire year.  For less than $2 a day, you can help provide a young man with the tools to change lives all over India—to win more souls to the Kingdom of God.