The greatness and glory of God eclipses even that of a rocket at takeoff. It should generate a similar response as well. Jacob Needleman, a news reporter who witnessed the launch of Apollo 17 in 1975, wrote the following about his awe-inspiring experience:

The countdown came and then the launch. The first thing you see is this extraordinary orange light, which is just at the limit of what you can bear to look at. Everything is illuminated with this light. Then comes this thing slowly rising up in total silence because it takes a few seconds for the sound to come across. You hear a “WHOOOOOSH! HHHHMMMM!” It enters right into you. You can practically hear jaws dropping. The sense of wonder fills everyone in the whole place as this thing goes up and up. The first stage ignites this beautiful blue flame. It becomes like a star, but you realize there are humans on it. And then there’s total silence.

People just get up quietly, helping each other up. They’re kind. They open doors. They look at one another, speaking quietly and interestedly. These were suddenly moral people because of the sense of wonder; the experience of wonder had made them moral.

There is a profound sense of awe associated with experiencing a power greater than ourselves. This inspires devotion, adoration, and respect — worship, in a word. It is something God alone deserves, for He alone is great. Yet worship is also what the devil craves. He knows he cannot rob God of the glory due Him, but he is doing everything he can to try. This is why he distracts you and me with fatigue, stress, emotional instability, relational problems, and personal conflicts. He wants to keep us from giving our full attention in church or in prayer.

Have you been tempted to skip church, midweek service, or personal time in God’s Word and prayer? You may blame fatigue, the hectic pace of your life, or a thousand other factors, but the devil is the one who is really behind it. Determine that you will let nothing hinder you from giving God the worship and praise due Him, for He is truly great.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.