The grass isn’t really greener on the other side of the fence. A poor-but-diligent stonecutter sat in his shop one day with his hammer and chisel. He heard a commotion outside and saw a crowd of people lining the streets. Did they want to see him? No, they had gathered to see the king. As the king passed through with his entourage of servants, the poor stonecutter began to wish that he was a king.

Heaven heard the stonecutter’s silent petition. Instantly, the lowly stonecutter was transformed into a majestic king. People lined the streets to see him. He was beginning to enjoy his new life . . . until the servants bearing his litter began to wilt in the heat of the sun. Then he started thinking, I wish I was the sun.

Instantly, the king was transformed into the glowing orb, providing heat and light to the Earth and its inhabitants. Alas, now I am truly the greatest, he thought . . . until a cloud blocked his rays from the earth. The sun frowned and said, I wish I was a cloud.

Poof! The sun became a cloud. Now he could control the Earth’s condensation. He had reached the pinnacle of excellence. But then he noticed that the course of his rain was often blocked by rocks. If I could only be a rock, then nothing should move me. I would be the greatest.

. . . You guessed it. As the rock lay in place, it began to shift with the tapping of a chisel. Sure enough, it was being moved . . . by a stonecutter.

Only when we accept and appreciate our God-given place in life will we rest from our quest for personal glory and ascribe glory to God. (This calls for contentment, an elusive quality in today’s world. Those who possess this trait are truly great, for they always have enough to thrive.) God will, in turn, make our effort and station glorious. Take the glory road today.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.