Some Christians talk about their faith, but you would never believe them on account of their lifestyle. Others are content to be silent witnesses, like candles which glow without a sound. I submit to you the best Christians are those who excel at both sharing their faith and consistently practicing what they preach.

Recently I went on a trip with the co-founder of AWANA, Dr. Art Rohrheim. The 95-year-old was set in a wheelchair at the airport, and wheeled through the terminal by one of the passenger assistants. As the assistant steered Art through the crowded corridors, Art began to talk with him. Then I watched as Art pulled out an envelope with a tip and a tract and handed it to the man. He had displayed a good testimony for Christ, and now he wanted to open his mouth for his Savior.

The greatest threat to the kingdom of darkness is a real, dedicated, and vocal Christian. These three traits must be combined to achieve the strongest effect for the cause of Christ. They cannot exist independently. Before people want to hear what we believe, they want to see our faith lived out (authenticity) and worked out (dedication). Then we will earn the right to speak out for our Savior.

Perhaps you have been sharing your faith, but not quite living up to the message. Keep on sharing, but strive for consistency. Maybe you have a great testimony, but you clam up when an opportunity comes to witness. We have a number of evangelism resources to help you. (Click here for a free sample pack of our tracts and a free soul-winning manual.) The gospel is the power of God, and it is effective to change lives — so share it with confidence. Be sure to show others the change it is making in your life at the same time, and you will soon draw them to your Savior.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.