The king glanced at his sundial. Time was running short. The Philistines had set up garrisons in a nearby village. They could attack any moment. On their side was a multitude of soldiers vast as the sands of the sea. King Saul had only two thousand men with him. Should he surrender or retreat? He was given a single, vague command: wait.

And so King Saul waited. . . and waited. After seven days of quiet desperation, there was no sign of the prophet, Samuel. Earlier, Samuel had instructed Saul to wait until he returned to make the priestly sacrifice. The day drew to a close. The glimmer of Philistine weapons and armory could be seen in the distance as the sun faded beneath the horizon. The majority of Israel’s army had fled to caves. It appeared Samuel had missed his appointment. King Saul grew impatient, and made an impulsive decision with prolonged results.

We make the same error when we allow people and circumstances to pressure us to lean upon our finite understanding. Things are not always as they appear. When God gives a command, His law, His purpose, and His timing are always right. He doesn’t explain many of the why’s of life, and He doesn’t need to. He works through every circumstance to accomplish His will.

Some of you are facing deadlines at the office. Others are waiting to close on their house. Many are contemplating God’s next step for their life. Be assured God will come through. He may not come when you think He needs to show up, but He’s always on time.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.