On a bus trip in India, I discovered the difference between a born-again believer and a lost person. As the bus traveled the dusty streets in the middle of the night, its headlights blinded the people who stood along the crowded streets. At the same time, the headlights gave us light so we could see where we were going. If the people on the streets wanted to avoid being blinded as we passed by, they would have to get on the bus. From their new perspective, the headlights would provide light for them.

The difference between a born-again believer and a lost person lies in their perspective and their destination. As the believer follows his course towards Heaven, the light of God’s truth goes before him; whereas for an unbeliever, the light of truth is a blinding beam which makes him or her uncomfortable. A person’s eternal destination influences his perspective of the light.

As Heaven-bound Christians, it is our job to convince people to get on the bus with us. Our perspective of eternity should make a difference in the way we go about our daily business. When others see the difference the light is making in our lives, they will be drawn to it.

It isn’t easy for people to adjust to light after being in darkness for a long period of time. What are some ways you can be an effective witness to the lost world around you? You may consider taking your children to sing Christmas carols at a nursing home. You can prepare meals for a shut-in. You might purchase Christmas gifts for a family in need. Use all of these efforts to share the light of Christ. In time, you will convince them why it’s better on the bus.

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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.