Do you believe God can do the impossible? Can He cause a great nation to emerge through a childless, elderly couple (Abraham was 75 and Sarah, his wife, was 65 years old)? Was His power limited 25 years later, when that same couple was 100 and 90 years old?

Looking at the historical account in Scripture, we can clearly see that nothing is impossible with God. But Abraham and Sarah had no historical precedent upon which to base their faith. How did they know the God Who had called them would deliver?

Though their faith waxed thin on several occasions, the Hebrews 11 “Hall of Faith” makes no mention of their failures. Abraham and Sarah waited upon the Lord, and He renewed their strength. God’s way was perfect. His timing was impeccable.

Sometimes waiting on God makes us weary. We can’t see the expected end. We know God has made promises in His Word, but we just don’t see how they apply to our situation. That’s why the Lord renews our strength. Aren’t you glad He never grows weary of our weakness?

So you’ve seen God work in the lives of patriarchs such as Abraham. Here’s the real test: Do you believe God can do the impossible in your life? Can He reverse your unemployment, provide the perfect mate, or sustain your family through a recession? Trust the infinite Strength Supplier today. He’s a Rewarder of those who wait on Him.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.