Money can buy a lot of things, but some things are just priceless:

  •  Tripping without anyone seeing you
  • Overhearing someone saying something good about you
  • Showing up late for class, and finding out that the professor is also late

In Acts 8, we read the story of a colorful character by the name of Simon. The man had a lucrative career in the magic arts and gathered a large following in the city of Samaria—that is, until the Apostle Philip came and ruined everything.

The apostle started preaching to the people about a man named Jesus Christ, Who had been crucified and purportedly rose again from the dead. On top of that, Philip could perform real miracles. He exorcised demons, healed the sick, and made the lame whole. Almost instantly, the Samaritans embraced Philip and his message.

Simon noted everyone’s excitement and investigated Philip’s message. Then he himself believed in Jesus Christ as his Savior and was baptized by Philip. When the other apostles came to lay hands on the new converts so they would receive the Holy Spirit, the baby Christian, Simon, offered them money so they would sell him their spiritual power. He didn’t understand that God’s gifts were blessings money could not buy.

What would you give for the ability to preach like Peter, evangelize like Philip, write like Paul, teach like Jesus, or lead like Moses? You can’t put a price tag on the God-given abilities these men had—but they are not for sale. God gives spiritual gifts to whomever He chooses, in the manner and measure He chooses, for the edification of His body.

You could be gifted to teach. Glorify God by displaying His peace when you speak about the Word of God. Maybe you are a soul winner. Allow the Spirit of God to empower your witness. God has given each of us unique abilities with which to fulfill His purpose for our lives. Let’s treat His gifts like priceless treasures, for that is what they are.

For every created being whatsoever that is endowed with power . . . possesses it not of itself, but as a thing given it by God. For to the creature all things are given, and wrought in it, and of itself it can do nothing. — Cyril of Alexandria

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.