Can you imagine if you were given a pair of Heavenly binoculars that permitted you to see God’s glory?

This is what Isaiah saw. Isaiah saw God’s power and where He dwelt. The seraphim that sat around the throne were equipped with six wings for service to the Lord. Even they could not look on the Lord, but bowed and worshipped saying, “Holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts.”

Isaiah was not only overwhelmed at the vision but also at his own unworthiness. When he fell on his face, the seraphim took a hot coal and brought it to his mouth. This symbolized Isaiah’s sin was forgiven him. Later on, Jesus Christ Himself would pay for the sins of the world. The coal was a symbol of that future time.

Think about what it would be like to see God. Now live as if you just saw Him.  Just because we haven’t actually seen God doesn’t mean He is any less real. We have the whole Bible, and every page is filled with words directly from God Himself. These words direct and guide us and are our Heavenly binoculars. When we understand Isaiah’s vision, our excitement will be renewed; for one day, we, too, shall see in living color this fabulous place called Heaven. Use your Heavenly binoculars today. They will make living on this earth a whole lot easier.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder