Peter was in an awful mess again. Only this time it wasn’t his fault. After preaching the gospel, he wound up in prison facing execution. There he was, chained to two Roman soldiers and waiting for morning to come so they could kill him. But that night he slept like a baby. How in the world could he sleep at a time like this?

Peter believed that God knew what was best for him, whether in life or death. He was convinced God was in control. That’s why he didn’t let the inhumane conditions of the prison, the big Roman guards he was chained to, or his imminent death bother him.

Our biggest problem is second-guessing God. I hate to say it, but we sometimes think that God is not as intelligent as we are in certain situations. We’d rather scheme to get what we want than pray or wait for God to provide it. We think God wants to interfere with our lives and keep us from being happy. The truth that Peter understood and each of us must realize is that we can do nothing and God can do everything. It’s best to leave our lives in His hands.

I hope you try to put the Daily Reflections from yesterday and today to practice. It’s not easy to reverse the bad habit of worry, but thank God, it’s not impossible. Pray about your situation and dig deep into God’s Word for promises to help you live a worry-free life.

Never try to carry tomorrow’s burdens with today’s grace. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder