Souad, from Cairo, Egypt, can now be called our brother. Despite the distance, we have an eternal bond through Christ.

Not long ago, Souad’s friend gave him the phone number for Victory In Grace. Curious about his friend’s faith, Souad called our ministry to get some free “Christian” material. His friend had witnessed to him many times, yet Souad remained skeptical. He desired to know more before accepting this unfamiliar God of Whom his friend so often spoke.

When Nathan, one of our ministry representatives, asked Souad where he would go if he were to die, Souad said he would probably go to Heaven if he trusted Christ as his Savior. Nathan asked if Souad had ever placed his faith in Christ alone to save him, but Souad replied, “No, I want to read more Christian books before I become a Christian.”

Nathan shared with Souad that since we are never guaranteed tomorrow, Souad should take the opportunity to accept Christ’s free gift of salvation today.

Souad did just that. Ecstatic about becoming a child of God, Souad was so grateful that he thanked Nathan and called him his brother.

Now Souad is ready for eternity. He is part of the family of God.

Article by Stephanie Scialabba