My dog, Libby, has never been a reproach to me, except on one occasion. Karen and I took her on a walk at dusk. Somewhere in the darkness, Libby saw something which piqued her curiosity and darted after it. But she didn’t notice the white stripe which ran down the creature’s back and tail. Before we could stop Libby, she had been on the receiving end of a skunk’s personal defense system. Only then did she come running towards us.

If you or your pet has never been sprayed by a skunk, let me tell you, it’s terrible. But the disdain we had toward Libby’s foul odor cannot rival the repulsion God feels toward our sins.

If you don’t think you are too bad, see how well you do on this test:

  1. Have you ever gone to a sporting event when you should have been in church? Then you have put another god above the Lord.
  2. Have you ever hated someone? The Bible says this is equivalent to murder.
  3. Have you ever lusted after another man or woman? Jesus said you have committed adultery.
  4. Have you ever spread gossip about another person? Then you have borne false witness.
  5. Have you ever desired something that belonged to someone else? Then you are a coveter.

No one is guiltless. Until we see the reality of our sinfulness, we will never see our need for a Savior. God cannot bear the stench of our sins in His presence. If we want to spend eternity with Him, something must be done about our reproach.

Because we love Libby, we couldn’t just leave her in her foul condition. We washed her in a special solution to rid her of the skunk odor. Now she’s clean, and nothing hinders our relationship. Because God loves us, He washed us in the blood of Jesus Christ to rid us of our sins. His love is stronger than our stench. My friend, I hope you have bathed in His gracious provision today.

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Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it. — Swedish Proverb

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.