Is a candle more efficient under a bushel or on a candlestick? On a candlestick, of course. Try putting the candle under a bushel and watch what happens. You can’t see the light anymore. But when you put the candle on a candlestick and elevate it, everything around it glows with light.

We live in a world darkened by sin. Like a bright candle, the church is to emanate the light of Christ. When people see Christ at work through us, they ought to feel the warm glow of God’s glory radiating from our lives. The church’s business is to hold up that light.

I see a lot of churches today using different tactics to increase their membership and extend their influence in the communities around them. This can be a good thing, but I believe we are failing in the area of urgent evangelistic activity. If a candle loses its flame, neither its size nor its location matters. We need to make sure our candle is kept aflame and displayed prominently for the world to see.

You may be struggling to uphold your light amidst the pressures of our world. It’s easy to let distractions such as fame, riches, and relationships prevent you from being the witness God calls you to be. Perhaps you don’t think your light is very bright—just let it shine, and God will be glorified.

A church which fails in aggressive evangelistic activity has failed utterly. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.