It was the top of the ninth inning and the fielding team was ahead by one run. The team at bat had two outs. Their experienced slugger stepped up to the plate and eyed the rookie pitcher standing at the mound. The fielding team’s manager wanted to give the young player some experience, so he allowed him a chance to seal the win for the team.

The rookie lowered his baseball cap, squinted his eyes, and worked the baseball with the tips of his fingers as he read his catcher’s pitching signal. He could hear the fans cheering in the stands behind the plate. He could feel the hot sun upon his neck. The mounting pressure was so thick he could have sliced it with a knife. He wound up for the pitch . . . THUD! The ball struck the batter’s arm—an automatic walk.

Embarrassed at his mistake, the rookie walked the next four batters. The manager pulled him from the mound, but the rookie was fuming. “Man, I was pitching a no-hitter, and the manager pulled me out!” The young player didn’t get it.

There are a lot of Christians like this young pitcher. We may think we’re doing great spiritually, but we’re often oblivious to some serious problems in our lives. Satan will use our overconfidence to break us to pieces so we’ll never dare to attempt anything for Christ. We can’t allow him the pleasure of victory.

Humble yourself before God—before you’re pulled from the game. Ask Him to search you and reveal your faults so He can convert you into a profitable servant today.

Some never get started on their destiny because they cannot humble themselves to learn, grow, and change. — Unknown Author

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.